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Find the Best Places in Myrtle Beach SC for 2018.with all the amenities and more of a private club, but without the expensive bond to join. Explore our membership options, see upcoming events, and view our gallery to learn more about the plans for our new facility.


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We love it here!

So much to see and do here! There are lots of dining choices and shopping! It is one of our family’s favorite places to go. We love it!

Vanessa Gilmor & Julia Green

Vanessa Gilmor & Julia Green

Big, Bustling Beach


Huge tourist area beach. Boardwalk is a nice attraction, as well as seaside amusement park Family Kingdom. Tons of high-rise hotels, plenty of nearby golf and shopping. Entertainment includes lots of theaters, making this a year -rpund destination. For quiet, look to the Brunswick Coast or the “ends” of the Grand Strand instead.


Homer Lewis & Sheryl Lloyd

Homer Lewis & Sheryl Lloyd

Great place


Our family went here for a few days and we had the best time. It’s a wonderful beach to go relax with lots of families and friendly people. The water was just right with some waves but not too rough and lots of shells to pick up if you want to. We will definitely be back.


Joseph Gardner & Karen Fletcher

Joseph Gardner & Karen Fletcher
Much more than just a beach

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