A New Reflection on Low-Cost Family Entertainment – Having Fun Inside Ripley’s Marvelous Mirror Maze


There she is.

No, she's over there – and she's over there too.

What's going on?

You have just entered the magical world of Ripley's Marvelous Mirror Maze, a reflective environment where nothing is where it ever appears to be! It's a fun environment that the entire family can enjoy together, and is the newest member of the Ripley Entertainment family of attractions.

The walk-through attraction features hundreds of floors to ceiling mirrors that are sure to baffle anyone's sense of direction! This is a totally new concept in amusement design and it will provide a different experience every time you enter,

Remember those mirror mazes and glass houses that would come to town with the carnival? We're stand in line, give the man our crumpled ticket, and climb the metal stairs to enter. There were so many fingerprints on the glass and so much trash on the floor that we never had much trouble finding our way through the hot and stuffy maze.

Ripley's Marvelous Mirror Maze is worlds apart from those early attractions. Featuring approximately 2,000 square feet of mirrored paths, surprising corners, dead ends and continuous circles, the place is air-conditioned, clean, and contemporary and because people wear gloves, there are not any fingerprints to give a clue to the quickest way through !

The sound and lighting effects make the experience even more daunting. Unlike mazes of the past, this one offers multiple paths through and adventurers can begin at the end and work their way through back if they wish. They'll hand you a pair of 3-D glasses when you enter and you can wear them or not wear them, it's your choice. The glasses really change your perception and it typically takes those who wear the glasses a "substantial" greater amount of time to work them through.

The maze is a fun family experience that will appeal to children, teens and adults alike. Made entirely of highly reflective mirrors, everyone can take as long as they like, or need, to explore the endless hallways and hundreds of mirrors as they journey through the adventure.

Red floor lights leading the way are nice to look at, but in the end, can only frustrate you more. Those little lights provide all the light you need, but when reflected dozens of time in the mirrors, they can be quite unwieldy. If you follow the lights instead of your instincts, you'll surely bump into a mirror. If you use your instinct and start double guessing yourself, you'll go crazy.

You can not see many clues on how to go through. If you stand there and look around all you'll see is yourself looking back. There appears to be no clear path for escape! With so many choices – it is never the same experience twice.

Kim Kiff, the director of Ripley's Ocean Blvd. attractions in Myrtle Beach, walks the maze several times each day making sure everything is safe, bright, clean and shiny. She notes that there is a "simple pattern" inside the maze that once you find it, going through will be easy and not confusing at all. She will not say what it is though. "The fun is trying to figure it out for yourself," she said.

"The best way to go through is slow and easy. Do not run and always lead with your hands, not your head or face." That does not work too well, "she added, laughing. There are two passageways leading into (or out of) the maze, as well as a fake exit, and a person can choose to enter (and exit) through any of the doorways. "I would say half the people who go through disappear for a few minutes and get so turned around that they come out the same way they went in," Kiff said. "When they look up and see you, they are quite surprised that they doubled back.

You may get lost, but you certainly will not be disappointed. I get a different experience every time I walk through a maze. I should be getting better at it, but I still stand there in total belief at times that I can not immediately find my way out of here! When I do, I laugh and usually head right back inside to see if I can do better!

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