Are You Unstoppable?

In the realm of going after your dreams there is a subtle way to ask, “are you living a life of your dreams?” And then there is a no messing around way to ask “are you unstoppable in your life?”

Now you can be ready for both at any given moment but when you are really ready to take on being unstoppable what would that actually look like, for you?

On Monday night I uncovered something about myself that was hidden in the deep dark corners of my consciousness waiting to be forgotten forever and yet (if you are reading this and you know me) it is no surprise that I absolutely could not go one more minute without exploring the possibility that I have some work to do. Not work like roll-up-the-sleeves and get in there work. I ‘m talking about the kind of work that has no clear direction, that just kind of exists in the ether between known and unknown. The kind of work that up and slaps you in the face when you least expect it and it takes a moment or several days to recover enough to ask myself, “What in the world could this lesson be?”

You will be happy, maybe even amused to hear that the sting of this slap is still buzzing on the side of my cheek, figuratively of course, but nonetheless, it stings.

I uncovered that when I get defensive it is because I am terrified to be an outcast. A loner stranded in the ether. A misfit. An unwanted toy. Oh the HORROR!!!

In order for me to uncover how to be unstoppable in my life, I have to face being an outcast. Stumped with the question of how to do this exactly, I rented… yup, you guessed it, “Castaway.”

I thought maybe there would be a lesson there for me to walk away with. Sadly, it was not so easy. G-d has other plans for me. So I sit here still in the inquiry and waiting for the vortex of light to shine upon me dousing me with the light and extinguishing my fears that I could even ever be an outcast since I don’t live in medieval times or on a deserted beach somewhere in the South Pacific. So… I sit and ruminate.

I will let you know when the sparks fly. In the mean time BE UNSTOPPABLE… and then tell me how to do it too!

Dream big,


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