Barcelona’s Local Beach – Barceloneta

Barcelona is blessed with a very respectable city beach: The Barceloneta. This is the place where the locals go to work out, relax and to chill down in the water.

You should not visit Barcelona without going to the beach of Barceloneta. While it may not be the clearest water you’ll see along the Costa Brava, it’s definitely a nice respite from the rhythm of the city and a good way to breathe in the fresh sea air without breathing in something else.

Starting at the southern-most point, where the Paseo de Joan de Borbon hits the beach, the boardwalk takes you northward along the beach, past beachfront cafes, chill-out bars, up a grassy hill to the new port, filled with sailboats and yachts of every shape and size. The local people who visit the beach are tanned, relaxed and stylishly clothed. You can of course swim in the sea or read a book while on the beach, another nice thing to do is to try to spot the north-European tourists who visits the beach. Find the pale ones among all the tanned locals!

From here you get a good perspective of the geographic orientation of Barcelona, with Montjuic Park and its castle to the south, and the hills to the north, Barcelona is a city where the mountains meet the sea.

As a further point of relaxation, if your body requires it, take advantage of one of the many women offerings massages at around 10 euro for a 15 minute massage. Just sit back, breath, and relax…

A trip to Barceloneta beach is perfect after a experiencing what else Barcelona has to offer. After a day of shopping or a night of drinking it’s nice to lie down and soak up the sun at Barceloneta.

How to get to the beach by public transport?

All of Barcelona’s sights and attractions are easily available by public transport. Especially if you are travelling on budget, you should look into the best transport option for you. Budget wise, the best option is the integrated 10 trip bus/metro pass. It costs 7.90 euro and can be purchased at any metro station. It’s good until they change the prices and can be shared, unlike the 1, 2, or 3 day passes which are also a good value if you’re planning traveling heavily by bus or metro.

Both the metro and bus system cover all of Barcelona, and you’ll find a relatively easy to read map of the bus routes and most stops. The metro and bus system both stop at midnight, although there is a night-bus system, which, although reduced in terms of coverage, can still get you home at the end of the night. It is easy to find your way to the beach in Barcelona. Simply get on the yellow metro line and jump off at the metro stop named Barceloneta.

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