Bike Week in Myrtle Beach – Where to Ride and What Resorts to Stay at During the Rally

Bike Week has been a tradition at the beach for years. It is always a fun gathering of bike enthusiasts and the scenery around the Grand Strand is absolutely wonderful to see from a motorcycle. There are many things to do and see during the week, but even more important is where to stay. There are numerous options available to bikers, all of which have their merits. The selection is wide, but there are some places along the Grand Strand which just offer more to bikers than others, and some rides whose beauty makes them a must-see.

Lodging Option 1: Myrtle Beach Vacation Condos

For years, bikers have loved the freedom of beach vacation rentals along the Grand Strand. One key advantage of a rental is that the rally attendees can come and go as they please, without having to worry about the limitations that a hotel room would pose. There is no restaurant to close and stop them from getting food, no doorman to scowl if they come in late. With Myrtle Beach vacation condos, bikers are able to enjoy their own time schedule. There is no need to worry about finding food, or making any of the other preparations that a hotel demands; beach vacation rentals can be fully stocked just like any home, catering to rally attendees’ needs at any hour.

Myrtle Beach vacation condos also offer fabulous location choices. There are many beach vacation rentals that are oceanfront, providing beautiful views and excellent access for any time spent not biking. Some may also come with a garage, helping to keep bikes in excellent shape no matter what the weather.

Beach vacation rentals also allow bikers to bring home newfound friends met during the rally. Hotels generally frown upon guests bringing in people who are not guests. In Myrtle Beach vacation condos, having a dinner with new acquaintances is absolutely possible. The only limits are the extent of your food!

Lodging Option 2: Hotels

Some bikers will choose to stay in hotels. Many find this to be a substandard option, as there are more limitations on what can be done in a hotel room than in beach vacation rentals. In a hotel, there are neighbors on every side who might file noise complaints if a rally attendee returns to his or her room too late during the evening. The amenities in a hotel are also rather limited; although there can be maid service and other superficial conveniences, ability to get food and other basic needs fulfilled after hours is generally limited. If a biker is set on a hotel, there are many options throughout the Grand Strand.

Where To Ride During Rally

One of the biggest advantages of bike week is the beautiful scenery up and down the coast. Whether the biker chooses Myrtle Beach vacation rentals or a hotel, he or she will still have access to all of the beach area as well as the coastline north and south. Traveling up north will take a biker toward Charleston. This historic city is a wonderful day trip, with plenty to see and do. Touring traditional plantation homes is a popular pastime, as is simply enjoying the unique finds along the way. Within Charleston proper, visitors will find an incredible variety of shops, dining, culture, and entertainment. Take a tour of the city, or just spend the day browsing and absorbing the unique atmosphere of the area.

Going North

Heading north out of the Myrtle Beach vacation rentals area will take a biker toward North Carolina. This coastal drive is a highlight in itself, and will eventually lead to Calabash, and area known for its delicious seafood. Although the Grand Strand boasts some fine cuisine of its own, Calabash is well worth the drive for any seafood connoisseur. While driving north, bikers will also pass many resorts and historic locations on the way to Wilmington, NC. Once in the city, visitors can enjoy the battleship stationed in Wilmington, or explore some of the other historic attractions the city has to offer. Rally attendees must remember to wear helmets whenever riding in North Carolina, as state law mandates it.

Enjoying Bike Week

When visiting the Grand Strand for Bike Week, the best way to experience everything that the week has to offer is by visiting the unique businesses that cater to bike week patrons. The bars and other amenities near the bike shops are most likely to offer special deals for bikers, many of which they may not advertise prior to the week. Visit, explore the area around the Myrtle Beach vacation condos, enjoy, and who knows what might happen!

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