Bikini Booty Exercises for a Great Butt

Summertime is coming along and who does not want to look good in a bikini? Everyone is trying to lose weight to look trim at the beach, but you are also going to want to tone up your booty to fill out your bikini. A nice rear view makes all the difference. Here are some exercises from personal trainers in Houston that you can use to get a toned, round, bikini booty to make your assets stand out at the beach! The best thing about these bikini booty exercises is that you do not have to leave your living room to do them!

The first exercise to shape your booty is knee-ins. Lie down on your left side with your left elbow underneath your shoulders. Have your legs stacked with your knees bent 90 degrees in front of your body. Put your right hand behind your head and your right elbow out to the side. Bring your right knee up towards your chest and as you do this, bring your right elbow down to meet your knee. Once you do this, stick your right leg behind you, pointing your toes out and squeezing your glutes. Do this motion 10-15 times and switch sides and repeat. This is one of many great booty exercises to tone your butt and your glutes.

Booty Blast
This next great booty exercise will not only help tone your butt, but also your thighs. It is known as a booty blast. The first thing you need to do is stand up with your legs a little more than shoulder width apart. Place your hands on your hips, and have your feet turned slightly outwards. Cross your left leg behind you as bend your knees and lower your butt to the floor. Come back to start. Do this for 15 reps and then switch legs. Make it more challenging by staying in squat position the whole time.

Booty Kick-backs
For this next exercise, you are going to want to grab a sturdy chair. For this great booty exercise you are going to want to place your hands along the top of the chair. Lift your leg back and squeeze your glutes. As you bring your leg back to start bend your knee in towards your chest. Then repeat sweeping your leg back. Do this 15 times and repeat again, but with the right leg. You can also pulse your leg at the top for a bigger burn.

These few bikini booty exercises will help in getting your butt toned while also working out other muscles in the body as well. Remember, now is the time to start shaping your booty for looking your best at the beach in your bikini. If you need help with any of the exercises you can always consult with your local personal trainer.

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