Discount Golf Vacations On Myrtle Beach

If you are thinking about a taking a golf vacation there and you search for a perfect golf course invariable one place which would crop up everywhere you look is the Myrtle Beach. It is known as the Golf City of the world.

The statistics show that it has around 120 golf courses spread around a radius of 60 miles. These sixty miles of earth is not only golf courses but also beaches. This place in South Carolina is called the Grand Strand. The number of visitors coming to this place is 14 million visitors each year, enjoying the warm sandy beaches and the best of the South Carolina weather.

Myrtle Beach is fun for the family or for the golfing enthusiast who wants to take on the challenging courses of the region. There are activities abounding for groups of all ages and that makes this South Carolina region very much the hub of activity all through the year.

The outdoor activities include a variety of things that a family can do like going out to the NASCAR speed park or the Hard Rock Park. The other attractions include Myrtle Beach Pavilion Nostalgia Park and Myrtle Beach Pelicans.

Golfing is what defines the Myrtle Beach and it has scenic golf courses that can lure you for years together. For women and even for kids there are special golfing lessons and teeing times where you can tee without the constant eye of the other golf players milling around.

The famous architects of golf courses all over the world like Dan Maples and Willard Byrd have designed a few courses dotting the Myrtle Beach landscape. Now if you are planning a golfing vacation in Myrtle Beach then you need take into consideration some of the golf courses which are in the North Carolina area. This area is not as publicized as the South Carolina area of ​​the Myrtle Beach. This North Myrtle Beach vacation area is a must for people especially if you want to get some acclimatization to the area before you proceed to more famous cousin which is the Myrtle Beach area in South Carolina.

Reserve your vacation package and enjoy that special golf course and better still enjoy the beaches also all along the Myrtle Beach.

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