Exciting Things In Store For Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is already a pretty exciting place. With fantastic beaches and some of the country's most amazing condo developments, Myrtle Beach combines great living with perfect scenery and amenities. Well get ready for another addition to the Myrtle Beach picture that will add a musical note to the city. In the Spring of 2008 The Hard Rock Park is set to open in Myrtle Beach. This is planned to be the world's first rock 'n roll theme park and will cover more than 140 acres and is the first major US attraction to be constructed in the last decade. This is directed at bringing even more of a tourist trade to South Carolina.

The new park plans on having more than 40 attractions to engage visitors with, including roller coasters and live music stages. Also featured will be children's areas, cafe's and stores. Needless to say that people in Myrtle Beach are excited about this development as it stands to give Myrtle Beach more than a destination drawing feature. The park is looking to incorporate six different areas that are each dedicated to a different aspect of rock music. These will include the entry plaza, rock 'n Roll Heaven, British Invasion, Lost in the 70's, Born in the USA and Cool Country. These areas will cover the many different types and styles of music that has helped to define us as a culture.

This theme park is going to bode well for real estate in Myrtle Beach. With a major appeal now in close proximity it is taking up the same kind of reputation as areas like Orlando with the bonus that it lies right on the beach. There are going to be some really interesting things going on in Myrtle Beach in the coming year, it will be interesting to see what effect the theme park has on the town and on popularity of housing and condos. If history is any indication it will cause a boom in the Myrtle Beach housing industry. There really are some exciting times ahead for Myrtle Beach, get in on things now while it is still possible! Before long this may be a difficult area to get into.

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