Find a Good Beer In Asheville, North Carolina

Looking for a place to enjoy a good beer after a round of golf on your next Asheville, North Carolina golf vacation? If so, you will not have to search long or hard to find one. Head to downtown Asheville, pull up a barstool in one of the pubs we suggest and you will find a multitude of bees and beer styles to quench your thirst.

On our last trip to this eclectic North Carolina mountain town, the weather was not going to let anyone get in a round of golf. So instead of teeing it up, the crew of took in a few rounds at the local downtown pubs. And in case you want to pack the cooler for your next round of golf in Asheville, we even ran across a great little beer store that specializes in high-gravity beers.

Our day began in search of a bite to eat and a good, cold microbrew. The Bier Garden on Haywood Street claimed to have the largest selection of beer in Western North Carolina so that seemed like a logical place to start. We made the right choice.

There was a multitude of televisions in the bar area showing sports, a good selection of items on the food menu and a beer menu with around 200 selections. To be honest even though the food was quite good, I can not remember what I ate for lunch but definitely remember the brews. After enjoying a Fullers London Porter and a Dogfish Head 90 Minute IPA, we paid our tab and continued to the next stop.

There is a local Asheville pub called Jack of the Wood that brews their own beer so we decided to drop in for a taste. After the short walk through wind and rain, we came upon the Celtic style pub located on Patton Avenue in downtown Asheville.

Unlike the well-lit, open-spaced, sports-bar feel of the Bier Garden, Jack of the Wood offers patrons a dark, cozy atmosphere and four or five beer styles brewed under the moniker of Green Man Brewing. After sampling a couple of ales and quite a few stouts, we noticed the weather was letting up so we decided to walk back to our downtown Asheville hotel.

On the return trip, we ran across a tiny little beer-lover's paradise called Bruisin 'Ales. This beer store is located on Broadway Street in downtown Asheville and offers visitors over 450 different beer choices along with beer glasses and other beer-related goodies. If you are a fan of high-gravity beers, then this is a must-stop for you. In fact before leaving town, our credit card got quite a workout at Bruisin Ales.

There are a multitude of places to have a good beer in downtown Asheville. Unfortunately, we did not have time to hit them all. Along with the places we dropped in, we would also suggest following your thirst to The Mellow Mushroom and Barley's Taproom and Pizzeria.

So the next time you book one of our Asheville, NC discount golf packages or travel to this Western North Carolina town for a vacation getaway and are looking for a good beer, we recommend you head to downtown Asheville and pull up to the bar at one of the pubs mentioned above.

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