Five Top Things To Do in Essaouira

The coastal city of Essaouira has often been referred to as a ‘sleepy town’, usually overlooked by holidaymakers keen to discover the charms of Agadir further down south and Marrakech inland.

However, anyone who spends a bit of time in the city will soon found out that there is plenty going; most of it emanating from the beach. There is also a charming evening culture to discover, inspired by the clientele that the city attracts.


Surfing in Morocco seems to be a sport going from strength to strength, often attracting a great number of surfers to the country. Essaouira is amongst the best places for surfing in Morocco with a vast choice of beaches available, all varying in difficulty.

Depending on which beach you visit you will also find strong or steady waves. This is created by some excellent swell from the Atlantic. Beaches like Sidi Kouaki and La Grotte are renowned for entertaining visitors with large waves, whilst Essaouira Beach is a great place for beginners to learn the ropes.


Considered slightly more sedate than surfing, windsurfing is another equally popular sport that people undertake whilst on holiday in Essaouira. The collage of sails dancing on the waves makes for a spectacular image for those relaxing on the beach, whilst those controlling the sails get the thrill of the speed generated from the strong winds.


Kitesurfing is the hip new addition to the watersport family yet it has been around for years. Fans of this form of watersport are often seen slicing across waves and performing adrenaline-inducing jumps through the air on the beaches of Essaouira, Sidi Kouaki and La Grotte.

Horse Riding

It’s not all about watersports though. Horse riding is immensely popular from Essaouira largely because of the access to many interesting roots. Lessons are available for those less familiar with the pastime and there are many guided tours to discover.

Quad Biking

These routes used for horse riding have also provided access to quad biking and tours to the deserts are perfect for some off road fun. Like the horse riding, many of these excursions are supervised and there is even extended trips out across the terrain to different towns. This proves to be an excellent way of discovering other smaller towns and villages to appreciate the Moroccan culture.

So, with plenty of activities available, mainly in the form of surfing in Morocco or various derivatives, there is a lot to discover about Essaouira.

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