Gruesome Shark Attacks of 2012

The United States is surrounded by two big bodies of water which are the Pacific and Atlantic ocean. Various kinds of fishes swarm at the temperate parts of these oceans including sharks. With the shark's teeth and powerful big jaws, sharks can inflict severe crimes and even death.

Sharks are known to like the taste of sea lions and seals due to its blubbery taste. Sharks especially the tiger and great whites, usually attack humans but not eat them. According to sources, sharks do not like meat with too many bones like that of humans. Sharks tend to attack, bite humans and back away. This allows humans bitten by sharks to go and seek for shores. Bull sharks, on the other hand, will keep on attacking its victim. Because of this, there are a lot of deaths from bull shark attacks. Great whites are also known to have a attacked a lot more people in history, with more injuries and deaths than the tiger and bull sharks made together.

The most recent shark attack incident was just last August 16, 2012 in the state of Alabama. While swimming, a man's leg was bitten by a shark in the gulf shores of Mexico. It happened about mid-morning and the man was taken to the hospital in Foley. The water is just as high as his waist when the shark attacked him. A purple warning flag was displayed in the beaches after the occurrence.

Another recent incident was last July 30, 2012 at Cape Cod. The victim Chris Meyers was in Ballston Beach to do body boarding when the shark attacked him. He's just 100 feet away from the shore when the shark came up and grabbed his legs. The incident caused severe lacerations to his lower legs and was rushed to the General hospital in Massachusetts to recover from the incident. It was reported that the increasing number of seals in the area bought the great whites as well.

Shark in Cape Cod – YouTube Video

Within the US alone, there are a total of 3 reported incidents of shark attacks for June 26, 2012. There are also 4 incidents of shark attacks in June 14, 2012 at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. All in same area and same day. It was believed to be black tips that may be in their feeding frenzy. Looking at the map, shark attacks are usually from the lower east part of US this year, mostly in Florida.

All over the world, the number of shark attacks went up to 33 with 5 fatalities. According to sources, sharks attack humans since they believe it's food. Attacks only happens when people venture into shark's environment. Sharks reportedly do not eat boney creatures. Humans unlike sea lions and seals have too much bones with no blubber to begin with. With just one bite, sharks tend to let go immediately as they sensed that what they've just bitten is not the right food to eat.

Great White Shark Eats Surfer – YouTube Video

Experts said that humans may have over fished and caused a shortage of food for sharks, which may be the reason why they've ventured near shores. Another reason may be mistaken identity. At times, people share their recreational space with sharks living in fresh waters, like the bull sharks. Just like humans who attacks intruders in their own homes, shark on the other hand perceives the waters as their home too too and may see humans as a threat to them when they've come across to one. Because of this, there is no wonder why sharks attack humans after all.

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