How to Find a Free Paper Shredding Event in Your Area

When the old bills, invoices, pay stubs and other outdated information start to stack up, it's the time to think about destroying sensitive information. It's important to ensure everything you have is shredding by a quality machine so as to render all Social Security numbers and bank routing numbers unreadable. Some professional shredding companies hold free community events to give back to charities. For the price of a few canned goods, you can receive piece of mind.

If you are interested in taking your papers to a free shredding event, there are a number of ways you can find out where to find one. For one, a simple Internet search for your location may yield community calendars listings events. Many of these are normally held at credit unions and banks in their parking lots. The shredding company will have a large truck with a built in machine on hand to take care of your goods.

If you know the number of your local business shredder, you can contact them for information on their next event, or even as for information on sponsoring one through your school, workplace, or community organization. You will find many businesses are willing to help with such programs to benefit shelters and other charities.

Lastly, check with banks around tax times and ends of fiscal quarters. Because some businesses will pay out quarterly, shredding companies may hold events close to this time to coincide with these busy seasons.

It is not difficult at all to find a free shred in your area. Have items to donate on hand, and rest assured your private information will remain that way.

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