How to Get a Beach Body – Killer Tips to Look Great in Your Swimsuit

Everyone wants to look smokin 'hot on the beach, but the sad fact is most of us are not satisfied with our bathing suit-clad bodies when beach season rolls around. The good news: there are foolproof ways to look better in a swimsuit. Follow these tips to learn how to get a beach body you'll be proud of. With a little hard work and a regular routine, you'll be able to lose a few extra pounds and get in shape.

If you're wondering how to get a beach body that will turn heads, the key to success is to work out year round. Yes, even in the dead of winter, go to the gym and think about sculpting your beach body. Unfortunately, the best bodies are not built in a few weeks, and while you can make drastic improvements working when the weather gets warmer, you'll never maximize your beach body potential if you only work for it during the summer months.

When you exercise, think in terms of intervals. Interval training is the fastest way to a great body because it combines aerobic fitness with muscle toning and endurance. A good interval training regimen for beginners is to run for one minute and then walk for two. Repeat this until you can not go any further-at least half an hour.

Great abs are a must for beach bodies. Daily crunches are a good way to develop your abdominals, but if your want to learn how to get a beach body that will make everyone else jealous, you'll want to do more than just crunches. Try twisting on an exercise ball to increase your resistance and range of motion. Or, make your crunches count double by lifting your legs in the air while you raise yourself up and down. There are some stay in shape videos in the market that can greatly help you grasp the moves.

A great beach body takes work, but if you keep at it, you'll turn heads on the sand this summer. So start now and get working.

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