More Fun Things to Do in Myrtle Beach – Putt Putt

There are many names for it. Among them are mini golf, putt putt, Miniature golf and others. As you drive down highway 17 you'll find that Myrtle Beach is the Putt Putt Capital of South Carolina if not the USA Imagine going to Seattle and finding a Starbuck's on every corner. Well, you can practically find a golf course or putt putt course on every corner of Myrtle Beach. You can go to Hawaiian Rumble and play on the same course that they play putt putt championship tournaments, you can go to MayDay Golf and play under a replica airplane and helicopter. You can go to Dinosaur Golf and be surrounded by a multitude of dinosaurs. No matter which course you choose you will be surrounded by water falls and other water ways, animal statues, and other props surrounding some of the best courses anywhere.

Most of the Putt Putt courses will have coupons, or specials to make them somewhat cost efficient. But, just like any other coupon, these coupons have restrictions. If you want to take advantage of coupons and discounts and know ahead of time which course you'd like to try, look through the many coupon books available in Myrtle Beach to check for your Putt Putt course of choice. Most of them will have indexes so it will not take long. Read the coupon carefully to find out what kind of deal they offer. Also, if you do not have a coupon, call ahead to the course to find out what kind of specials they offer. We recently visited a course later at night. It was $ 9 for adults and $ 8 for kids. They had a coupon for $ 1 off per person but that was only good until 6:00. Their other deal was play all day for $ 12. So, if you want to get your money's worth or just want to play a lot of Putt Putt you could pay $ 3 o $ 4 more and play as long as you want.

If you do not care too much for bugs, take some kind of bug spray. Because of the heat, water and plants on most of these courses, bug spray is not a bad idea to keep those annoying gnats and mosquitos away. Avoid the perfumy sprays, they tend to attract the bugs instead of repelling them. Also, do not forget the sunscreen if you're going during the day, that's staging the obvious in sunny Myrtle Beach though. Happy Putt Putting.

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