My First Stay In A Villa

A few years ago my brother in law invited my wife and I along with his family to Barbados, and since I had never been there, my wife and I jumped at the chance. He was going to be renting a villa for all of us to stay in. However, I was never the type of person who liked going to beaches and sitting out in the sun all day, but I figured this would be a great experience to see a place that I had never been to before. It was quite a surreal experience to get on the plane in Toronto where it was snowing, and step off into a suffocating heat when we arrived in Barbados. It was almost like a shock to my system, as I had never visited the tropics before.

When we arrived at the Villa it was nothing like I had thought it would be, as it set inland, and I had imagined that it would be much different than it actually was. However, it was still extremely beautiful, and my wife and I quickly claimed the downstairs bedroom that was offset by a beach. However, this exhilaration quickly turned into disappointment when we discovered that the beach was not heated, and it was frequented by a number of large snails. This was about the only disappointment I had while I was in Barbados. Each morning I rose to have breakfast with dozens of monkeys outside of our bedroom and a beautiful sunrise and sense of calm. We did a number of things while we were there, including visiting a number of beaches, and we even took a tour of the island. While taking the tour, we got to experience the taste of sugar cane, and for the first time got a real sense of what the island looked like.

There are a number of things that you can experience while you are in Barbados, but one thing I would warn you to stay away from is the fast food. Every single one of these restaurants that my wife and I tried was less than enticing. Thankfully for us, our brother-in-law had hired a cook, who prepared most of our meals for us. Given the fact that meals in Barbados are so extremely expensive, this was more than a blessing in disguise for us. While I really enjoyed the whole Barbados experience, I definitely have to give a big thumbs down to their food.

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