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There are some vacations that just stand out for the endless fun and excitement. Places that you can not wait to go home and share your vacation photos and videos with anyone who you can drag to the couch. Vacations that are so amazing that the memories last forever. And then there's Myrtle Beach. As one of the most sought after tourist destinations in the United States, Myrtle Beach has to continue out do itself. Sure the memories last forever here, but the memories are not good enough for you so you have to return year-after-year to enjoy it all, and more, yet again. You can not just show a video or a picture for someone to imagine the fun – you have to bring them along the next time. This is what it means to book one of the fabulous Myrtle Beach condo rentals. And it exceed your expectations every time.

The fun and excitement begins with the planning. Where are you going to go? Who are you going to see? All the questions and memories start flooding through your head as you pick up the latest brochure. But you quickly realize that it's not who or what … it's when. You want to do it all, but the tricky part is fitting it all in on one trip. The easy part is what does not make the list time is your new favorite excuse to return the next. So you start with your hunt to weed out all the extraordinary Myrtle Beach condo rentals. Battling between a sunrise over the Atlantic and a second row condo that has more amenities than some resorts have rooms. The decision has the family members nearly battling it out. But finally a coin toss makes it official, toes in the sand and Myrtle Beach at your back. Darn. Guess everyone will just have to deal with amazing panoramic views of the ocean, each and every day.

Next thing to tackle is the itinerary list. Luckily there are enough days with this trip that everyone can get their own designated day to pick what the group is going to do. Golf comes up first. As does, "We did that last time." But when Dad explains that he just got to play on courses designed by Pete Dye and Jack Nicklaus, and that there's still about a hundred other championship golf courses to tame, the family says enjoy. The ladies will take that time shopping until they drop while the kids wow themselves at the Ripley's Movie Theater. Everyone gets back together to go explore the sharks, giant turtles and octopes at the Aquarium. All of which is done before it's time to enjoy dinner at Rio's Brazilian Steakhouse. And this is just day one.

Your days continue like this until you just can not handle the fun any longer. Sure there are days where you just laid on the beach and did nothing at all. But even that seems to be exciting. So you have no choice but to tell your Myrtle Beach condo rental good-bye. And head home where you immediately begin planning again. Why? Because it's not only a vacation, it's a Myrtle Beach vacation.

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