Myrtle Beach Golf Course Destinations for 2010

Myrtle Beach golf is one of the popular destinations in the US and people from all parts of the country come to this place irrespective of their social and economic disparities. It is located in the northern coastal region of South Carolina and it is symbolic for all golf lovers as one of the largest resort town. The primary reasons for it being so popular are because of its top class golf courses and packages for golf vacations. Some of the popular golf players are of the opinion that Myrtle Beach has some of the best golf courses in the world. Most of the courses for golf have been designed by pro golfers and are of high standards.

Among these golf courses in Myrtle Beach, the most popular is the TPC course, which was designed by world renamed golfer Tom Fazio. Here Fazio's main focus in building this golf course was to fit it perfectly with the natural landscape of the Myrtle Beach. Another popular golf course is the Dunes Golf Club, which is the most oldest and classiest in every way possible. It falls under Dunes Resort. There are special offers and discounts given on drinks and other special packages given to the players.

Aberdeen Country Club is another such spot which is worth mentioning because of its lucrative packages and the specialty being discounted rooms in its on-site hotel facility. Another prime destination that the golfers look out for is the Caledonia Golf course, which offers its guests with fishing ATTRACTIONS. One can also opt for deep sea fishing tours and other wide range of ATTRACTIONS.

Another place that you will not want to miss is the River Edge Golf course which is located on the bank of Shallotte River. This golf course was designed by well appointed golf player Arnold Palmer and it is one of the hotspots of Myrtle Beach because the golf course has some of the toughest and interesting holes in the area and it is interesting for the budding golfers of the future. It is among the top ten holiday destinations in the whole of US and there are numerous travel agencies which provide golf vacation packages which are simply irresistible. You will be provided with numerous packages and offers, but choose the one which suits your budget and preferences. But, if you want to spend some time with your close associates and family members then the weekend package is the most ideal one for you. Many of these courses have been featured in the PGA Tour and this is why Myrtle Beach is a premiere destination for golfing around the world.

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