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Every consumer loves options. Where to find the best options is not always the easiest thing to do. Listed below is a compilation of different package options golfers have when taking a trip to Myrtle Beach. Choices range from packages including lodging or just for those looking for solely the golf course experience. Enjoy!

Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is one of the top ten vacation destinations in the United States. With budget in mind, golf masters of the state have prepared many options for you to choose from for you trip. First you need to decide a few key things. Are you looking for a place to stay yet? If you have lodging plans, or family in the area with an extra bedroom, or if you live in the area, then this first option is not for you.

1. This package will include golf, filing, cart fees, taxes, and lodging. All you need to decide is how many nights you want to stay, and which specific package you want to go with (courses, lodging, etc.). Golfers typically stay three to four nights and that will include three or four rounds on the greens accordingly. Price range sits at about $ 200- $ 300 per person for the three night stay. Popular courses that may be included in your package are Founders Club, Players Club, Oak Island and more. Lodging options will then be for Myrtlewood Villas, River Oaks Resort, Springmald Beach Resort and more. Just keep in mind that prices change depending on what days you plan your visit and how many nights you stay.

The next popular option that golfers opt for in Myrtle Beach is strictly for the course experiences. This is always a steal for those who already live in the vicinity.

2. This package layout includes the same key features as option # 1. That means you receive the golf, cart fees, and taxes all included in your total. The most popular package in Myrtle Beach sits at $ 119 for three rounds and this price does not go up or down if the date changes. A great feature to this choice is you can play morning or night and any day of the week. Golf courses available for this option are Woodland Valley Country Club, Indigo Creek, River Oaks, Tupelo Bay, Island Green, and more.

Heading to South Carolina for your golfing experience is always a memorable time. You play along the best athletes and on some of the most beautiful greens. Whether you are looking for the whole package deal or you just want the golfing experience, there is a package out there to fit your golfing needs.

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