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Seasons come and seasons go, or so the story goes. In Myrtle Beach, SC, winter severely compares to Christmas in Maine. Winter here pleasantly surprises many first timers. The air is crisp, the humidity subsides; all in all it's the perfect atmosphere for getting out and around the town. For some, the fall and winter atmosphere is just more conducive for what they are looking for. Fewer crowds are preferred for some vacationers not looking to entwine their lives with others. With less crowds coming less lines at your favorite restaurants and golf courses. Somehow, even the air tastes better

Summer has its alluring aspects as well. From parasailing and banana boat rides to nightly fireworks shows in Barefoot Landing, the Grand Strand is like a Mecca for family fun. With amusement parks in 5 locations along Myrtle Beach, there are literally thousands of new people to meet, greet, and enjoy a Ferris wheel or tasty treat with.

Meet the Lange's. Todd and Mary have three kids, a body shop, and a mortgage. Mary can not stop thinking about how to work harder, and it's starting to show with stress lines. Jessica and Ronnie have been dating for some time now and think it's about time to take their relationship to another level and recently retired Jack has been meaning to get the guys together and play a week's worth of golf. Does any of this sound familiar? They warn for a vacation. Whether it is family oriented, a romantic getaway or a golfing extravaganza, Myrtle Beach rentals are primed to embrace everyone for a week, a month or hopefully permanently.

For every season, there's always an excuse to take a vacation. Some prefer the hot summer days relaxing on the beach while others prefer the cooler breezes as they tee off on the back nine. Whichever you prefer, there are Myrtle Beach vacation rentals for any occasion. From numerous 4th of July Parades just about everywhere to the Shrimp and Jazz festival in Little River, the Grand Strand is always alive and vibrant.

The following is a brief suggestion list for several types of vacationers here along the Grand Strand. Within this list you will find suggestions for three different types of vacations on where to eat, stay, and play during your Myrtle Beach stay.

Romantics – The holding of hands, the minority kisses, everything is enchanting. And now it is time to plan for a Myrtle Beach getaway. For those of you with that special someone, take a look into one of the many fantastic Myrtle Beach rentals. Two resorts who offer an excellent location, moderate rates, and only 1 bedroom condos are Ocean Forest and Patricia Grand. You and your significant other will marvel at how close a purchase you two will be from the brand new Boardwalk & Promenade. Picture yourself arm in arm strolling along the Boardwalk overlooking the ocean as warm Atlantic breezes bask you with comforting solace. For a romantic dinner, try Cagney's, renamed for its prime rib, or Greg Normans Australian Grille, with an outside patio with a fireplace.

Families – The Grand Strand is known for its premiere family oriented family beaches with plenty of beach front properties, family themed restaurants and activities; families will be hard pressed to run out of things to do. The Family Kingdom Amusement Park in downtown Myrtle Beach appeals to all age groups. From bumper cars to amusement rides such as a wooden roller coaster and the state's largest Ferris wheel, Family Kingdom and its sister Water Park, located across the street, only enhance the intrinsic experience for all families.

Eating with the family is a huge part of any family oriented gathering and many of Myrtle Beach's plethora of eateries satisfies this void. There are plenty of great buffets around such as Bennett's Calabash Seafood Buffet, East of Chicago and Empire Fire Mongolian Grill. Another great restaurant for kids is Spring House. Offering a variety of American fare, Spring House, every Monday, offers free meals for the kids. So mom and dad do not fret, Spring House knows what it's like for a family on a budget.

For Myrtle Beach rentals, resorts, condominiums, many come to mind. A few that stand out for premier service, luxurious accommodations and all around family fun are: Anderson Ocean Club, Ocean Blvd Villas, and The Ashworth. Featuring a kids only beach area, these resorts (and many more) offer great family entertainment without a huge financial strain on the wallet.

Golfers – Nothing satisfies the mind and soul like a solid week of nothing but some Myrtle Beach golf with the gang. With over 180 championship level courses within the Grand Strand, choose from a wide array of golf courses from Barefoot to Crow Creek-the greens are a-calling.

Golfing equals food, and boy do golfers eat. At the crack of dawn, hundreds of diners can be found packed in pancake and waffle houses everywhere. Myrtle Beach is one of the rare cities with 6 am traffic jams. Places such as Dino's, Plantation House, IHOP and Spring House are all fantastic spots to grab a bite before hitting the links. After such a tumultuous day of well spent energy, a golfer has to replenish those well spent calories. For an excellent dining experience with your fellow golfers, Joe's Bar & Grill, New York Prime and Forbes Steakhouse are all fantastic places to grab a drink and a nice slab of red meat.

Golfers tend to travel in packs and while resorts offer amazing oceanfront views, some lack the space needed to store 8 sets of clubs and people. For this, you may want to look into some of the larger homes and villas available. The Ambassador, Cherry Grove Villas, and Tahitian Princess all over a minimum of large 6 bedroom homes all either ocean view or second row.

With all of this being said; now is an ideal time to invest within the Grand Strand. Certain Myrtle Beach rentals are available for purchase and are a financial sound investment. Snow birds is a term created many years ago to denote those who travel south during the winter months to get away from the snow and ice. Others call them geniuses. Whether it's to escape the winter or in-laws, there may not be any better time than now to at least begin to plan living in one of the finest family destinations in the country.

And who knows what'll become of your Myrtle Beach vacation? One of the golfing buddies love it here, Marci could not stop talking about how convenient everything is around her. Discussions begin and one thing leads to another and all of a sudden they're new condominium owners. It all begins with Myrtle Beach rentals and ends when; well it does not really have to ever end.

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