6 Good Reasons to Choose Myrtle Beach For a Family Vacation

6 Good Reasons to Choose Myrtle Beach For a Family Vacation

I've traveled a lot and have been to almost every one of the lower 48 States. Twenty years ago, my husband and I, while living in Seattle, chose to vacation in Myrtle Beach. Four months later, we moved to Myrtle Beach and have enjoyed its benefits year round ever since.

I'd like to give you my top six reasons that Myrtle Beach is a good choice for your next family vacation.

Here we go!

1) The weather is mild year round, especially when compared to Florida, where I found the heat and humidity very oppressive in the summer season. There are 215 days of sunshine each year, and the overall annual average temperature is around 70 degrees, according to statistics found on the weather channel.

2) There are no swarms of sand gnats in South Carolina. Do not laugh – until you've lived or vacationed far enough south for this to be a reality, you will not appreciate what I just said.

3) It is very easy to find deep discounts on lodging and golf packages in Myrtle Beach, especially from September – April, when the weather is still spectacular most of those months.

4) Myrtle Beach is a golfer's paradise, with over 100 courses to choose from, some designed by well-known designers and golf professionals. The very first vacation we experienced in Myrtle Beach in 1989 was for my husband to play in an Invitational Golf Tournament. He had played golf for more than 25 years, and to say he was excited would be an understatement. Any golfer, no matter his skill level, can find courses that will challenge and provide a fun day on the links.

5) There's something for everyone in Myrtle Beach – romantic getaways for couples or even great spots for beach or plantation weddings; tons of family activities, (dozens of mini-golf courses, go-cart racing, batting cages, parasailing, and many other water sports … the list could go on); shopping galore; and a great selection of entertainment, including a diverse selection of music and shows.

6) The lodging choices are amazing. You can choose an older beach home for a large group, a small oceanfront condo, a cozy bungalow in a quiet area of ​​the beach, or a full-service hotel and resort.

When our friends and family visit (which is often, now that we live in Myrtle Beach), we enlist the help of the finest Oceanfront Vacation Rental company because they do not have to worry about the comfort of our guests . The owners of this company have lived in Myrtle Beach all their lives and are very experienced in helping you find just the right place.

I invite you to keep this link handy, so you'll know who to call or contact if you should want to visit the lovely strand of beach that I call home.

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