Famous Boat Cruises in Myrtle Beach

Famous Boat Cruises in Myrtle Beach

A lot of cruises that traverse the Intracoastal Waterway can be booked by tourists who are at the Myrtle Beach for a vacation. Some of the famous boat cruises are the Lighthouse and Shelling Tour and The Plantation River Tour by Low Country Tours, the Riverboat Queen Mary II, casino cruises such as the Victori and Stardancer Casino Cruises and other cruising tours by Wallace Sailing Charters.

Low Country Tours offer two different and unique cruises from Georgetown. One is the Lighthouse and Shelling Tour which is perfect for nature lovers. This cruise will bring you around a barrier island where guests can enjoy and keep in touch with nature at its finest. Another is the Plantation River Tour which cruises the local rivers, allowing guests to see amazing views of historic homes and plantation sites. Private Charters are also available to those who wish to have the cruise all to themselves.

You can also enjoy a cruise in the day, during sunset or at night time with Queen Mary II's cruises. It cruises the Intracoastal Waterway via the Riverboat Queen Mary II.

If you are on the other hand looking for some Vegas fun, casino cruises are perfect for you! Casino cruises such as the Stardancer Casino Cruise and the Victori Casino Cruise offer Las Vegas style gaming out beyond the limit! Stardancer Casino Cruise features casual dining and live entertainment while Victori Casino Cruise offers buffet style meals, a fun deck, live dealers and a daytime cruise.

To complete the list are the cruises offered by the Wallace Sailing Charters. Guests may choose which cruise to join, whether those that last half day or full day. It also offers overnight cruises for those who would like to stay in the cruise longer. This 40-foot yacht will bring you to desired barrier islands to enjoy and at the same time explore. You will also have the chance to explore and observe old shipwreck sites and check out local marine life. You might also get to see different species of birds that inhabit the area, as well as marine animals like friendly dolphins and sea turtles.

In addition to all these, Wallace Sailing Charters also feature other activities the whole family will sure enjoy while they are on the cruise. Families will enjoy picnics and shelling as part of their cruising experience.

It's not just the beach that you can enjoy when you are on a vacation to the Myrtle Beach. You can book cruises to islands where you can enjoy other activities such as shelling, viewing of marine life, picnic, and a whole lot more. Just make sure that when you get there, you have already done your research and as much as possible, have secured bookings to cruises you are to join. Planning and booking for contracts early on will save you from any sort of hassle in the future and the risk of overspending. Take advantage of the available boat cruises in the Myrtle Beach and have fun!

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