Finding the Best Deals on Airfare For Your Vacation

Finding the Best Deals on Airfare For Your Vacation

Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) is the major airport serving the Myrtle Beach area, and where you will likely be landing if you are planning a Myrtle Beach vacation. Flying into Myrtle Beach is cheaper if you know how to seek out discount air travel deals. Back in the "old days", airlines simply published their rates in a phone-directory-sized book that was updated every few weeks or so, and the travel agent that you were working with would book your seat – and you paid whatever fare you were charged. Nowadays, however, fares and ticket prices can change with the blowing wind, and getting the best deal usually involves a little legwork on your behalf. With rapidly changing technology, airlines are now able to sell their untaken seats at a discount on many different websites, including their own sites, which makes traveling cheaper – and you can also book your trip and your flight far in advance of your departure. A little bit of added time on your part will see you saving money overall, which means you'll have more to spend when you embark on your Myrtle Beach vacation.

While there is no catch-all magic formula for finding the best deals on airfare for your Myrtle Beach vacation, comparison shopping is the name of the game when looking for discounts. And while you do not want to spend a great deal of time devoted to finding the cheapest airfare, the following tips will help you snag a bargain.

– Determine the best time to buy your Myrtle Beach vacation airfare. The general rule of thumb is to buy as early as possible and to book your seat as soon as you know your itinerary, which means at least three weeks before takeoff. Around two weeks before the scheduled flight, ticket prices tend to go up – but then any unsold seats will start to drop in the three days or so leading up to the flight – unless you are planning to fly during a holiday, when last minute seats will cost you even more. The busiest holiday times for airlines are Christmas, Thanksgiving and spring break (typically held in March in most areas of the country).

– Travel during the week as opposed to weekend. If your flight leaves on a weekday, Sunday through Wednesday, you can plan to pay less for your ticket than if you embark on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. During the holidays, however, you may pay more for Sunday departures as everyone is rushing back for the work week to begin and leaving out on Sunday night.

– Search online for the best deals on airfare to Myrtle Beach. There are great online sources out there that allow you to search for the best rates on your seat; some sites also allow you to enter your budget and "name your price" – doing so will pull up only airfare that is within your price range or close to it. You can also search by date and month so that you can "zero in" on the best dates to plan your trip.

– Go for a package vacation deal. Some vendors can book your hotel accommodations, airfare, rental care and meals – basically everything that you will need for your Myrtle Beach vacation – for one flat price per person or per couple.

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