Myrtle Beach – The Honeymooners' Paradise

Myrtle Beach – The Honeymooners' Paradise

The first thought that comes to your mind when you think about 'Pristine Beauty'. United State's coastal resort city Myrtle Beach offers its visitors a plethora of beaches and barrier islands that are simply irresistible. Displaying shades of turquoise and indigo, makes the ultimate tourists destination. More than being a tourist destination, it is a paradise on earth for the 'Honeymooners'. Enjoy the togetherness in the romantic surroundings and unmatched locales by opting for one of the various vacation packages.

Take a day off with your partner and visit a spa to cherish each others company. Instead of a hotel, rent a condo. Availing luxury condo vacation rental can also help you both in experiencing the intimate moments of your togethness and render ease, while your stay. In your own luxury condo, you can get to know each other well. Amidst the serene atolls, just sit, relax and share each others feelings. At midnight, surprise your partner by taking her out for a long drive or an ice-cream.

Must visit places in Myrtle Beach

The fun in begins at a beach. Go for a banana boat ride or just board a cruise for having the real thrill of your life. The never-ending water activities are a must have for everyone. Especially, the honeymooners can try these activities to have fun and adventure, during their stay.

State Park
This state park stretches along the Atlantic Ocean and showcases a natural history of the state. One can learn about the natural habitat and wildlife of the place.

Boardwalk & Promenade
A must visit place, Boardwalk & Promenade is also acclaimed as a nation's third boardwalk by National Geographic and best US Boardwalk by Travel + Leisure magazine.

The Carolina Opry
The Carolina Opry features various dance, musical, comedy, and entertainment shows, etc. honeymooners can take a day off to have fun at Carolina Opry.

The above mentioned places are all included in the various vacation packages. They offer a chance to experience the tranquility and experience a once in a lifetime honeymoon trip. Apart from this, take your loved one for shopping as houses a number of shopping malls. It is also renamed as largest shopping areas in the Southeastern United States. Beside, Myrtle Beach is known as a "Golf Capital of the World." So, you can also enjoy a game of golf, thereby letting your partner experience the world's most elite sport.

Myrtle Beach makes the ultimate destination for the honeymooners seeking excursion away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Also staying at a luxury condo vacation rental accommodation adds to the overall appearance of the vacation.

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