Myrtle Beach Visitor's Guide – 7 Things You Do Not Want to Miss

Myrtle Beach Visitor's Guide – 7 Things You Do Not Want to Miss

Myrtle Beach is a beautiful place to visit any time of year. Full of more attractions than you could count, you may feel overwhelmed at how to spend your days. Looking around Myrtle Beach, you will see people golfing, parasailing, dining, and swimming. These are the 7 things you do not want to miss on your trip.

1. Golfing
Anyone who has any interest in golfing needs to check out a few of the amazing courses Myrtle Beach has to offer. There are well over 100 courses available, and many of them have been ranked in national magazines. Two of the most popular are the Caledonia and the True Blue Golf Course.

2. Dining
There is a host of wonderful restaurants to choose from, ranging from small diners to large upscale restaurants. One you need to hit on your trip is Tommy's Bahama's Tropical Cafe. This is located in the Common Market, a place that you will want to visit on your trip as well. For shopping, entertainment, and restaurants, the Market Common is a place that any Myrtle Beach Visitor's Guide will tell you to visit.

3. Drinking
While traveling, many people like to visit local Taverns and Pubs and sample some local drinks. The Flynn's Irish Tavern is a great place to do this in Myrtle Beach. It is located in a former jail facility, and offers a variety of unique menu items to choose from.

4. Condos
You have not really experienced vacationing until you have stayed in a Condo instead of a hotel. This is something not every Myrtle Beach Visitor's Guide will tell you. There are many Condos available for rent and even for purchase in the area. Especially if you are going with a group of people, you can find a whole new level of comfort in a Condo.

5. Ocean Front Hotels
With over 400 hotels, you can find one that suits your needs. Many of the hotels offer Ocean Front views, and all of the most modern amenities. Flat screen televisions, free wireless internet, and fitness rooms are just a few of the amenities. Make sure you check around to get the best need and the hotel most tailor to your needs.

6. Coupons
Many of the attractions in Myrtle Beach can be quite expensive if you pay full price. There are many coupons available for dining, golf, attractions, hotels, and more. Take the time to research these coupons and print them off before you leave, you will be glad you did.

7. Attractions
There is a variety of attractions to suit every interest. With theaters, local music scenes, outdoor activities, and family centered attractions, there should never be a dull moment.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is a beautiful place to visit. This Myrtle Beach Visitor's Guide highlights a few of the things you do not want to miss, but take the time to research them and find out what it is that you really want to do, in a town like this, the possibilities are endless!

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