Naples, FL, Housing Market Statistics You Must Know

The foreclosure fiasco has been impacting the housing markets of US and very much so in Florida. Now that there is something assuaging news on the foreclosure front, as reported by Realtrytrac in their April 2010 foreclosure report that the foreclosure filings in the country are decreasing, one can burst out a sigh of relief.

It is reported that overall in the country, the foreclosure activity shows a decline by 9 percent in April, compared to March this year and a decrease of 2 percent from the figure of April 2009. Particularly in Florida State, although the foreclosure rate is still high to rank third position in the country, following behind Nevada and Arizona with one in every 182 Florida housing units receiving a foreclosure filing, it is heartening to see a decline by 18 percent in the foreclosure activity in April, compared to the previous month of March and a good 25 percent decrease from April 2009.

Altogether in April there were 48,384 properties receiving a foreclosure filing in Florida. The same trend is reflected in most of the neighborhoods in major cities of Florida, particularly Naples in Southwest Florida region. In the changed circumstances of foreclosure filings; short sales; foreclosure auctions pending for Sheriff Sale and Bank repossessed property inventory of Naples properties, it would be worthwhile to have a look at the Naples Housing market statistics, as published by a prominent real estate site –

Naples, Florida has a population of 20,976 people, living in a land area of ​​12.03 square miles. Naples maintains a fairly healthy economic condition where the median household income is recorded as $ 65,641 and a revenue income of $ 61,141.

Here are the latest home pricing particulars, as given in the above site in respect of resale homes – available for sale through MLS listing services and also For Sale By Owner:

Naples, FL Real Estate

Naples, FL For Sale Pricing Statistics
Median Naples, FL For Sale Price: $ 319,000
Studio For Sale Median Price: $ 223,900
1 Bedroom For Sale Median Price: $ 130,000
2 Bedroom For Sale Median Price: $ 199,900
3 Bedroom For Sale Median Price: $ 359,899
4 Bedroom For Sale Median Price: $ 759,000

In many US housing markets including Naples, the construction and sale of new homes have come down for the last few years. The reason is obvious that there is mounting inventories of unsold homes for resale. However, the prices of new homes in Naples is worth noting, so as to compare the savings a buyer could make in buying foreclosure properties of similar types. The median prices of new homes in Naples are as hereunder:

Naples, FL New Homes

Naples, FL New Home Pricing Statistics
Median Naples, FL New Home Price: $ 419,995
2 Bedroom New Home M Price: $ 450,000
3 Bedroom New Home M Price: $ 389,995
4 Bedroom New Home M Price: $ 419,995

Finally the average selling price of Foreclosed properties in Naples is given below for the information of readers:

Naples, FL Foreclosures

Naples, FL Foreclosure Pricing Statistics
Median Naples, FL Foreclosure Price: $ 225,000
1 Bedroom Foreclosure M Price: $ 125,300
2 Bedroom Foreclosure M Price: $ 195,000
3 Bedroom Foreclosure M Price: $ 292,000
4 Bedroom Foreclosure M Price: $ 359,650

The above details are updated as on 16th May 2010.

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