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North Myrtle Beach is nine miles along the northern coastline of South Carolina. It is north of Myrtle Beach and just south of Barefoot Landing. It is quiter than its sister city, Myrtle Beach. North Myrtle Beach is considered to be one of the top vacation places for families.

North Myrtle Beach offers similar ATTRACTIONS like its southern counterpart, such as entertainment, golf and a variety of restaurants including Italian, Japanese, Oriental and classic American menus. The city boasts of live entertainment shows including the theater and musicals.

North Beach has hundreds of hotels, motels, condos and resorts. Many hotels offer pet accommodations, smoking and non-smoking rooms, meeting halls and valet ATTRACTIONS. Condos also host wedding receptions. Other services include free gambling, boat rides and bus tours. Before tourism became hot in the north, the locals used to drive to the beaches. The police had to stop this, after the tourism rush started to rise Currently, many vehicles with uni-, bi- and tricycles can be rented out for beach riding.

A budget tourist may find cheap and discount hotels. They are ideally suited for quick stays. The rates start from $ 40 up to $ 90. Bookings will entail additional costs and cancellation policies need to be ensured to minimize losses in case of cancellation. Online bookings are available with most of the hotels. The resorts with ocean views and condominiums offer rooms from $ 120 to $ 300.

Most of the hotels offer cruise trips. When booking, it is better to consult weather reports, as the cruise trips may get canceled due to storm warning. A pleasant and quiet stay at the beach, coupled with entertainment options such as golf, music and a newly inaugurated mall will make the trip to North Myrtle Beach unforgettable.

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