Plan Your Vacation in Myrtle Beach

Planning a vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC will be one of the most exciting you've taken. This destination offers many wonderful attractions and fun activities. It's reputation for having some of the most luxurious beaches in the world is well founded. With 60 miles of gorgeous sandy beach line to choose from.

Many vacationer choose Myrtle Beach because of its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Planning water activities for their vacation will be quite easy. There are many water sport activities available here. Activities like sailing, scuba diving, caching, and skiing are some of the most popular. When you're not exploring the numerous beach towns along the Grand Strand, water sports provide welcome distractions.

The Grand Strand covers the locations between Cape Fear, North Carolina and Georgetown, South Carolina. It includes wonderful beach towns and many barrier islands for visitors to experience. The exceptional scenery of this area has the charm and grace you expect from Myrtle Beach.

There is a lot historic significance involved with visiting the areas along the Grand Strand. Many famous American figures have also journeyed this stretch of territory. You will be able to not only explore the modern sights, but to experience some of South Carolina's past.

Planning a vacation to Myrtle Beach, that includes historic landmarks is easy to accomplish. There are many historic tourist spots in this area that are visited year around. One of these is called Atalaya. Atalaya is an American castle that was built by the SC famous Huntington family. The castle was designed to portray the appearance of a Spanish fortress. This historic landmark is located in Huntington State Park.

Another location that shows the wealth of Myrtle Beach's history is Brookgreen Gardens. Here you will discover the largest display of American sculpture, all in a garden setting. This site is composed of 9,000 acres of old plantation land. It holds a lot for tourists, to see and experience.

Some vacationers decide to take the short drive north into Wilmington, NC. Here they will be able to visit the Battleship North Carolina. Children and adults alike, love walking the decks of an authentic battleship. Its gorgeous restoration provides a peek into the past of not only this area, but also the history of the United States.

When you plan a vacation, experiencing culture is often a preliminary consideration. One way to enjoy the culture of this area is through its food offerings. The near 2,000 restaurants in Myrtle Beach offer a wide array of cuisine choices. Many of them offer local fares that are central to this portion of the southeast.

The romance of this vacation spot is often breathtaking. It does not matter whether you're strolling the beach at dawn, or watching the sunset. Each day offers you stunning opportunities to experience what Myrtle Beach is all about. The night life here is also very intriguing. There are locations for those who love to dance. Taking note of some of these will help you fill up your trip itinerary quickly.

Fun dance spots are located throughout the town. Popular discos can be found off Ocean Drive, Cherry Grove, and the Crescent Beach area. There are also many nightclubs, sports bars, beach clubs, and even a casino. Depending on your individual tastes, you will be able to find a location that suits you.

Music lovers will especially enjoy planning a trip here. The fantastic Music Park location offers live music of various kinds, during certain times of the year. Myrtle Beach is a big festival destination. At certain times of the year music lover will be able to attend events like the Sun Fun Festival planned for June 2010. Checking the town's events schedule is a great idea when planning to travel to Myrtle Beach.

Everything you need, and more, can be found within in minutes. Choosing a hotel or resort near all of the action can be the key to getting the most out of your trip. The stunning attractions and activities will help to enhance your vacation, from beginning to end.

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