SC DNR staff members witness beaver on Murrells Inlet beach

 SC DNR staff members witness beaver on Murrells Inlet beach

Well, dam.

That’s not something you see everyday.

While visiting Huntington Beach State Park in Murrells Inlet on Wednesday, South Carolina Department of National Resources staff encountered an interesting sight: a beaver on the beach.

“We’ve seen lots of interesting things on the beach, but this may be a first for us,” the DNR posted on Facebook.

The DNR relayed that park ranger Mark Walker said the animal most likely wound up on the ocean’s shoreline while fleeing a predator, such as an alligator, in a native freshwater pond, where it’s more typical to see the species building dams and such. Walker noted the beaver would likely make its way back to its natural habitat as long as people didn’t get in the way of his trek home.

The DNR noted that Walker’s seen this happen only once before.

“If you happen to see out-of-place wildlife, always give it space and allow it to return to its natural environment — and let wildlife stay wild,” the DNR noted on Facebook.

The DNR advised people who are unsure or think they see someone violating wildlife laws to contact it on its 24/7 wildlife hotline at 1-800-922-5431.

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