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Many South Carolina golf courses fixate on how many rounds are played, shirts are sold or meals are served. On a recent visit to the area, I came across one that cares about making every round of golf, as well as your own visit unforgivable.

First of all, while this course was set up in a luxurious private golf community, I was made to feel especially welcomed. I was immediately satisfied by a professional upon my arrival. Immediately, all of my golf needs, including making sure my favorite clubs got to the appropriate range, were taken care of. The personal service was exceptional to say the least.

All over the course, the emphasis was on personal service. Our group was cared for on every step of the 18-hole course. As a matter of fact, I felt like I was playing on my very own private golf course. This particular South Carolina golf course has a limited and exclusive golf membership, so there are not a lot of people roaming around unaccompanied.

The bottom line is the only thing I had to think about was playing golf. And did I ever play! Let's just say my stroke is improving (Can you say King of Swing?).

Any, after playing some of the most amazing golf ever, we headed over to the spot of the 13,000 sq. ft. clubhouse overlooking Briar's Creek. Absolutely amazing, what a view! Again I had never been to South Carolina and I really had no idea of ​​what to expect. I had heard that South Carolina was recently named as one of the "Best Places to Live." However, I was soon familiarized with the local term Lowcountry. Praised for its historic, artistic and cultural preservation, as well as white sand beaches and abundant sports, including boating, fishing, equestrian and as the south's Mecca for world-class dining and entertainment, I can proudly say I plan on living the high- life in the Lowcountry every chance I can get. I might even move there by the end of the year!

The reason for this sudden move? John's Island Real Estate. Again, until my visit, I was not at all familiar with South Carolina, yet alone John's Island. An island? In South Carolina? Where? They easily could have called this private golf community "Golf Island." Everywhere you turn, the game of golf surrounds you. The natural environment and golf coexist so harmoniously I was not surprised to learn Audubon International has recognized Briar's Creek for its outstanding efforts.

You can lose yourself living amid not only the exceptional golf, but the ancient oaks and the daily commerce of bird life. And yet, all the charms of Charleston including world-class dining and shopping are just minutes away, as are Kiawah's wonderful beaches. I could go on and on and on …..

I look forward to my next visit and highly recommend if you are in the area and looking to play the ultimate round of South Carolina golf head over to Briar's Creek. You will not be disappointed. Tell 'em Jim sent ya.

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