Step Out of the Ordinary by Experiencing Halong Bay

'If you have seen one, you've seen them all.' This is one phrase many travelers hate. Think about it-you spend quite a bit of money going to a travel destination and you are excited to see its destinations. You check out the first stop, soak up the sights, and get excited about the local color, flavor, and experience. You get hyped up for the next stop. You go there and notice that, asides from the different name and some minor details, this destination is the same as your first stop. Not to worry, you hang out and enjoy the local flavors, colors, and experiences-although they are pretty much the same as your first destination. You hope your third stop will be different. It is not. On to the fourth stop on your itinerary-more of the same. You probably will not need to go to the fifth spot on your travel itinerary before throwing your hands up and saying 'if you have seen one, you've seen them all.' Sadly, this is a very common traveler complaint. This is especially true for places that boast of one natural feature-beaches. Without there is something radically different between one beach and another, they pretty much look very similar. Similar experiences. Similar events. Just how different beaches be, anyway? If you have experienced this type of travel burnout, you're in luck. The good news is that Halong Bay will not leave you burned out. It will not leave you thinking that just because you've seen one end of the Bay, you have pretty much seen the whole Bay.

Halong Bay really can not be explored to your satisfaction in just one day. Nor would you want to. There is just so much to see and so much to explore. Trying to swoop in and check out Halong Bay in the span of a day would be to miss the point of seeing the Bay in the first place. You have to soak it in and get a real feel for the Bay's ambience. There seems to be so many things happening at the same time. First of all, looking at the green-topped islets that seem to float off the water reminds one of the origins of Vietnam and how long it took to hollow out the Bay. Second, if you are lucky enough to visit the Bay when there is a morning mist creeping across the Bay's water, you will be grateful to a full out of this world experience. The feeling is halfway between watching a science-fiction movie and viewing an Ancient Tang Dynasty painting. There is something distinctly ethereal about Halong Bay's vistas.

Once you finish scoping out the bay from a raised viewing platform, you can check out many of the limestone caves that dot the Bay. Viewing and experiencing the Bay from this perspective definitely intensifies 'the out of this world' feeling you probably already have. You can also try the water sports and other water activities to round out your water adventures on Halong Bay. It really is many separate small vacations rolled into one. Give yourself sufficient time and space to check out and appreciate the riches Halong Bay offers.

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