The Benefits of the South Beach Diet

Weight loss is way easier and even faster for people who are on the South Beach Diet than on those who rely on a couple of the other less effective diets. The South Beach Diet has proven to be one of the most effective and thus most reliable of all the low carb diets out there.

For one, the South Beach Diet is one of the most balanced diets out there. Of course, we earlier noted that the South Beach Diet phase 1 has a couple of restrictions that may seem insensible to the common man. However, with time, the reason for these restrictions becomes more apparent. Since the second and third phases of the diet are more lenient, it is clear that this particular low carb diet has proved to be fairly balanced, generally.

In much the same way, we also note that the South Beach Diet does not really rely on saturated fats. Even though this particular low carb diet allows the dieter to consume a variety of fats, it specifically forbids the consumption of most of the more saturated fats. This is done with a view to reduce the intake of fatty substances by the dieter since it is these substances which are the main reasons why weight loss is unattainable for most people.

Thirdly, the counting of fat and calorie intake is unheard of in this low carb diet. Note that most of the other diets that we would normally look to with a view to benefit from effective weight loss count calories and fats. However, this tiresome activity is eliminated when it comes to the South Beach Diet. The main reason for eliminating caloric intake is a result of the discovery that calorie and fat counts have no effect on weight loss- at least not in the real sense of the word.

However, the greatest benefit of the South Beach Diet is the fact that it actually allows the dieter to consume healthy foods on a regular basis. To be more specific, this low carb diet "encourages" dieters to take more regular snacks and meals. Needless to say, this is one of the main reasons behind its popularity since it has proven that weight loss is possible even without forcing the athletes to starve themselves.

The diet comes in a number of stages from South Beach Diet phase 1 to phase 3. Each of these phases progress from stiff restriction of most foods, to eventually permitting the dieters to eat some of the foods that were previously restricted.

This progress in a linear motion could have said to be one of the reasons why the South Beach Diet has been so effective in making weight loss possible for dieters. In the same way, the fact that it prohibits dieters from staying hungry has also made it way more bearable than most of the other kinds of diets that force people to go hungry without bringing out any appropriate weight loss.

Before you enjoy the benefits of this or any diet please consult with your doctor to make sure dieting and weight loss are right for you.

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