The Top 10 Visitor Attractions in the US

If you where to take a guess, without researching into it, do you think you could name the top 10 visited tourist attractions located within the continental United States? It is not as difficult as you may think. If you watch television news or read the newspaper you may not have that much trouble. Each of the 48 continental states as well as Alaska and Hawaii have attractions that draw large numbers of visitors annually. With the escalating cost of air travel, a number of families are resorting back to the road trip for their family vacation plans.

What are the top 10 attractions which are most visited?

I guess it would come as no surprise that the number one visitor attraction in the United States is a shopping mall. Mall of America in Bloomington, MN joins over 40,000,000 shoppers and visitors per year. In addition to being a shopping mall, it also sports the largest indoor amusement park in the US

New York City is a major draw for millions of people every year and Times Square in Manhattan New York is the second most visitor attraction in the US with approximately 37,600,000 visitors.

Gambling is a popular vice amongst the world's citizensry so the fact that 30,000,000 visitors converge on Las Vegas, NV every year should not be any surprise. Las Vegas has been transformed from an adult only destination to a family vacation attraction.

Historical Boston, MA has the fourth most visited tourist attraction with Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Every year 20,000,000 plus vacationer's land there and take a step back into time.

The fifth and sixth most popular destination attractions are part of the same family and locations that nearly everyone has taken their children to at least once during their childhood. They are Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Lake Buena Vista, FL and Disneyland Park in Anaheim, CA. Disney World's Magic Kingdom attractions just over 17,100,000 visitors annually, while Disneyland Park host approximately 14,750,000 visitors. Their combined visitor attractions makes these Disney properties the second most visited attractions in America.

The Southern states will not allow them to be excluded from the list of the top 10 visitor attractions in the US As already mentioned, Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Florida is listed, with South Carolina and North Carolina welcoming the seventh and eighth touristy draws.

South Carolina's Broadway at the Beach in Myrtle Beach receives over 14,000,000 visitors to its plush resort areas and North Carolina's Blue Ridge Parkway's wilderness exhibits pulls in a whopping 11,000,000 individuals longing to relive the early settlers trek.

Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA ranks at at number 9 with slightly over 10,000,000 travelers longing to watch how a turn of the century fish market once operated. And another water attraction, The Navy Pier in Chicago, IL generating rough 8,600,000 guest closes out the list at number 10.

How many did you get right?

As the summer travel season walks into full swing, what better time is it to plan your family vacation. Determining which attraction to visit becomes easier when you know what is in your intended destination. With this information, based upon your likes and dislikes, you now know where to go, if you like crowds and where to avoid if you do not. I trust this information has been of some help.

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