Timeshare Real Estate Agents – Fact Or Fiction

So you are looking for a real estate agent that specializes in timeshares. Where do you even start is what you are thinking. You are looking for a way to off load that timeshare and first thing that comes to your mind is using timeshare real estate agents. I have bad news for you there is no real estate agents the special in timeshares.

There are real estate agents that will list your timeshare but most of them will not give your timeshare that special attention. Its like this, if you had a choice of selling a two hundred thousand dollar home or choosing to sell thirty thousand dollar timeshare on commission which one would you spend the most time doing?

Second a home is a necessity and everyone needs a house for their selves and their family to live in. A timeshare is a whole different beast. A timeshare is a luxury item that is nice to have but it is not necessity in life. Although it can be a lot of fun its more like a boat or something that you do not use all the time.

Third there is difficulty in your timeshare being in Orlando, Mexico, or Myrtle Beach and your real estate agent being in the state that you live in. How does your agent showcase your property by showing photos? You must make a right decision when selling this vacation property and you must arm yourself with the knowledge to do it. There are ways you can have a timeshare sold successfully but its not by having timeshare real estate agents.

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