Top 5 Seattle Beaches to Visit

It's a city on the water, and accordingly a city of beaches. From every vantage point within the city, you can see water and the wonders that await you there. The beaches on the Puget Sound are respectively different from the fine sand and big surf of resort towns though. In Seattle you have real beaches, beaches of open grassy areas and drift wood, seaweed and seagulls. But of course with so many beaches through a city surrounded by water, which are better to visit than the rest. Here are a list of must visit beaches in the Seattle area.

1. Golden Gardens – Nestled at the bottom of a winding, wondrous drive in Ballard, over the train tracks and down some stairs, Golden Gardens is an ideal spot to spend an afternoon in the summer, just walking and enjoying the cool Puget Sound air . There are a dozen or more picnic benches, an indoor events hall, a wide open grass area for sporting, and various spots through to have bonfires when the sun goes down. Just hidden enough to find a good spot and enjoy the view. If it's warm enough and you're feeling in a swimming mood, this is one of the few places where you can freely jump into the ocean without fear of stepping on a giant rock or driftwood.

2. Matthews Beach – The site of Seattle's annual Polar Bear event on January 1, Matthew's Beach is an open, park surrounded swimming venue – a wonderful place to take kids for a quick dip without worrying about the tides and runs of the ocean. If you have a mind to have a picnic there's space for that too, and it's open year round for those of you who do not needarily need to go into the water.

3. Myrtle Edwards – At the north end of Seattle's piers is Myrtle Edwards Beach, an ideal spot to watch one of Seattle's many fireworks displays ever year. Directly behind the Seattle PI Building, you'll find it's not full of amenities, but when the sun starts to set and the ocean lights up, it's one of the most beautiful places in the city to be. The beach itself is sparse, and littered with rocks, but the area above is clear and perfect for laying down blankets and lounging in the sun for a day.

4. Alki Beach – Alki is one of the places you're most likely to think of when you picture a beautiful sunny day on the water in Seattle. Stretching from Alki Point to Duwamish Head on Elliott Bay, the 2.5 mile stretch of beach is perfect for a long walk or a jog any day of the year. The widened path through the area is perfect for rollerblading, dog walking, or just appreciating the spectacular view of the Puget Sound and the Olympic mountains.

5. Green Lake – It's not a beach on the ocean, but it's the most popular water destination in the city. Any day of the year, rain or shine you'll see people doing their daily laps around the lake's spacious paths. Walking dogs, jogging, roller blading, or just talking with a friend, the paths around Green Lake are a perfect stop for anyone in need of a good exercise. You can rent and take out on the lake paddle boats or stop by and play volleyball in the sanded out beach area on the Eastern shore. There's a community center with a swimming beach and a basketball court, as well as an outdoor court almost always swarming with opponents for you and your friends. If you're feeling hungry, you can simply cross the street and visit any of a number of enticing restaurant choices in the Green Lake area. Surrounded with the beautiful towering evergreens, the park is by far one the must visit locales in Seattle.

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