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Walking up and down the gorgeous, sandy Myrtle Beach, as well as its countryside, is a relaxing way to enjoy your vacation. Myrtle Beach is one of the most beautiful parts of South Carolina,. To explore the beach and beyond, try horseback riding in the Myrtle Beach countryside through the friendly folks at Wampee Stables

The Number One Horseback Riding Adventure in Myrtle Beach 

These gentle, four-legged giants will carry you through the countryside so that you can see another side of Myrtle Beach. Wampee Stables is just five minutes away from North Myrtle Beach and one of Myrtle Beach’s favorite attractions. At Wampee Stables, you will take home a memory of a lifetime! Below we have all of the information you need to know about horseback riding in Myrtle Beach. 

Wampee Stables

Wampee Stables is moments away from all major highways, but it’s worlds away from the traffic and business of South Carolina, making it the perfect place to find some peace and quiet and take in the beautiful scenery. Trail rides are $75 per person, which includes professional photos of your ride that will be emailed to you. All of Wampee Stables’ horseback trail rides are by appointment only, so be sure to call 843-241-8768.

Trail Guides

The trail guides at Wampee Stables love what they do. Each trail guide is familiar with all of their horses and how to handle each horse individually. Since the guides ride the trails frequently, they know everything there is to know about the countryside area; it’s guaranteed that your ride will be a blast!

The Trails

The 90-minute ride through the countryside is one of the most scenic trails that Wampee Stables offers. The length of the trail ride will include spending time in the ring to make adjustments, to get to know your horse and get any questions answered before you head out on the trails.

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