Weight Loss – The Perfect Beach Body Diet

There is nothing like a major event to spur on weight loss. I know that I spent a lot of time dieting for my 21st birthday bash and always following a beach body diet a month before bikini season. I have even died to fit into a hideous bridesmaid's dress.

It would of course be more sensible to always eat right, and therefore not to keep gaining and losing the same ten pounds, but sometimes it is very difficult not to gain weight during Winter or over Christmas holidays. And then we need a beach body diet to help us get rid of the bumps and lumps.

If you find yourself having to diet to be able to fit into a suit, dress or bikini the best approach is to start early and follow a moderate diet by eating smaller portions and cutting out any take-aways, sweets, and alcohol.

Banning sinful treats could lead to fast weight loss, if you eat many sweets per day or have a daily drink or two. I once simply condemned sugar and alcohol for two weeks and ended up losing four pounds per week. The best part is that I even though I was on a beach body diet, I ate everything which I wanted, except for sugar and alcohol.

You should remember that you do not want to lose too much weight too quickly. For most people 1-2 pounds per week is a good amount to lose. If you lose more than this, you are more than likely just losing water and muscle. The problem with losing muscle is that you are actually setting yourself up to gain more weight in the future. You crash diet, lose valuable muscle, and then gain back more weight over the next year when you start eating normally again.

I understand that you want your perfect beach body diet to be quick and painless, and there are ways of achieving this without damaging your health or muscle reserves. A product that I always use when I want to lose weight is Strip that fat, an invaluable guide that teaches you how, what and when to eat. Their guides contain information that everyone should know, it is like having a live-in dietitian.

The reason I would advise you to cut trips or to follow the Strip that Fat program is that other diets do not work. What they do in actually fact is to send your body the message that it should go into starvation mode. Our forefathers did not live our desks and take-away lifestyle, and this survival mechanism allowed them to survive during periods of famine.

If you do not eat enough calories, the body lowers its own metabolic rate, which means that you then have to eat even less to lose weight. By this time you are also feeling hungrier and grumpier, which leads to craving the food that you are condemning yourself.

Therefore the perfect beach body diet is one that is sensible and crafted in just the right way to trick your body into losing those last few pounds.

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