Why Golf in Myrtle Beach

Of all the places to golf in the world, Myrtle Beach has always made its way to the top of peoples must visit courses. It has been a hotspot for golf masters for decades. Let's look into the area and see just what South Carolina has to offer you as a golfer.

The area is home to a number of popular tournaments. Many players and fans are drawn to the area just because of the tournaments. Two tournaments still come to come in the year 2011 in this area are the World Amateur Handicap Championship and the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Golf Classic. The World Amateur Handicap Championship alone has 3,600 golfers completing.

Myrtle Beach can easily be considered near perfect golf temperature year round. The summer temperature peaks at low 90's but the lowest you will find in the winters will be mid 50's. Most of the year is an average mid 70's, with a nice cool breeze from the Atlantic Ocean. Vacation packages to this area are offered year round for consumers. Even when the humidity is high in the heat the ocean provides a way to cool off the golf game.

The unique thing about South Carolina is the landscaping. Myrtle Beach sits along the Atlantic Ocean but still has the homey rolling hills from the southern state. Pearl East is one of the top courses in the area and sits on 900 acres of marsh reserve. The Calabash River runs along the course making for a scenic game. The scenery alone is something that golfers travel to Myrtle Beach for.

The best part about this area is how accessible the vacation packages are. There are lists of sites selling package deals to this area and competitiveness for the lowest prices. Vacation packages include course fees, cart fees, lodging, perks, and taxes.

There are also family activities in the area if you are taking a day off from playing golf. Family Kingdom is an amusement on the ocean.

With over 4 million games of golf played a year in Myrtle Beach, there has to be enough local accommodations to keep up with the tourist traffic. There are hundreds of lodging options in the area anywhere from resorts to hotels or villas. Resorts like the Springmaid Beach Resort have over 500 oceanview rooms and two lazy rivers.

Myrtle Beach has been a top golfing destination for decades and get over 14 million vacationers a year. This is definitely a place to consider when planning your next golf trip.

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