Why I Love Thanksgiving – A True Story About My Family’s Myrtle Beach Holiday

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday for many reasons. Here in Myrtle Beach, the weather is cool, but not cold yet. The sunshine is glorious and the temperatures are still up near 70 degrees – fantastic for beachcombing! Another reason Thanksgiving is such an awesome holiday is that it's so predictable and you can plan easily. It always falls on a Thursday, and it provides a wonderful, long weekend. I want to tell you about a Thanksgiving at Myrtle Beach that we planned a couple years ago, and it will go down in history as one our family's very best memories.

I come from a very large family, so we had to start planning early in the year. Most of them live near the SC / NC mountains, so the idea of ​​a Myrtle Beach Thanksgiving had to grow on them, and give them time to let the "other sides" of their families know they would not be available this particular year. When we started to count the families, it turned out we needed a 7-bedroom beachfront house, AND 4 oceanfront condominiums, each with 3 bedrooms. That's 19 bedrooms full of people.

I turned to my friend Jenny Jordan, owner of Oceanfront Vacation Rentals, for help. We found the perfect house and nearby condos. She helped arrange for special pricing that we could all afford, especially since we were all splitting the costs. All our accommodations were oceanfront. We used the kitchen in the big house as the main cook station, although there were several ovens at work in the condos as well. Since I live here in Myrtle Beach, I was able to fill in the gaps with lots of tableware, special seasonings, and anything else we had forgotten to bring, although I thought my original list was pretty though! I moved into the big house for the week, and it was as though I was on vacation, too, even though my own house was only 5 miles away.

Our dinner was great! The oceanfront view was perfect, and all week long, we walked the beach, cooked chili and dogs at night, made homemade ice cream, and those of all ages (3 mo – 80 years) had something to do that made them happy. Being a musical family, we even had a few little jam sessions with our instruments on the back deck. People walked up from the beach to sit and listen. Does it get any better than this? Probably not. The only thing that's even come close was when we rented a lodge in the mountains, with 10 cabins, and had a weekend retreat that included the wedding of a niece.

It's not too late to think about bringing your family to Myrtle Beach for Thanksgiving. I checked with my friend, Jenny, and she still has some fabulous homes available. I know every family is not as big as mine, but if you have just a few couples, with the lower winter rates, and when you split the costs, it's a real bargain, and best of all – you'll create memories that are priceless!

If you live near another beach area, go for it! Get out of your routine, just once in awhile and have an adventure. You can stay home next year!

Click here for more information: Oceanfront Vacation Rentals .

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