Why You Should Consider A Myrtle Beach Vacation

I visited Myrtle Beach for the first time as a boy. Played golf for the first time, as well. Vacationed there a few more times growing up.

Went back for the first time as an adult as a senior in college when I and twenty something of my friends stayed there for a week between the end of finals and our graduation ceremony. Did I have a good time? Are you kidding? Let's just say it's one visit I probably will not be sharing. 🙂

I guess you could say I'm a fan. And I've seen what they have to offer for small children, to teens through to adults – more golf than you can handle, beautiful beaches, a fantastic adult nightlife, and so many things for kids that you'll never hear, "I 'm bored!'. And that's without sitting them down in front of a television or giving them a video game to play.

Competing with the likes of Orlando as the most popular tourist center in the South Eastern United States, Myrtle Beach South Carolina is not only the golf capital of the US; it's also a hot location for developers keen to cash in on this rapidly expanding area.

It's not only the tourist attractions that are booming here either, real estate prices are rising at a faster rate than any other area in the United States. With good real estate, new businesses springing up, hotels and other developments underway, it's no wonder that Myrtle Beach is currently one of the places to be!

Golf, the corporate man's sport, is one of the big reasons that Myrtle Beach became popular. With over 100 golf courses, many of them of championship standard, located within a short distance of each other, it's the perfect location for the annual convention, national board meeting or other corporate function.

It's got the ideal after-business playground for corporate America!

However, Myrtle Beach has more to offer than just golf. It's a place with beautiful beaches, some of them relatively unspoiled habitats for nature – such as in Huntington State Park – and at the other side, beaches which offer great amusement for kids of all ages. With its golden sands, blue ocean and temperate weather, Myrtle Beach South Carolina has all the right ingredients for a great vacation.

Accommodation, although rapidly expanding, is varied from a basic camping structure, to the most luxurious suite at one of the more up market resort hotels.

Book yourself into a hotel, or condo, or if you have an RV why not cut down on your travel expenses and drive down there – make sure you book well in advance however, especially in the summer as the good places are booked up fast!

Myrtle Beach in the summer is one of the most popular areas for vacationers and so expect to see a lot of people, Spring Break is another popular time of year for the area.

However, if you can take your holiday outside of the peak period, your accommodation costs should be lower (you could even try asking for a lower rate than they quote!), And you'll be able to find a larger space for your towel on the beach and more available slots on the golf course!

Myrtle Beach South Carolina has it all for a vacationer, no matter what the age. There's plenty to do and see during the day, plenty of shows and entertainment at night, and all within the beauty, temperate climate, and a low, charming, pace of life you'd expect to find within the Southern part of the United States .

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